CRA’s Voluntary Disclosure Program: How to Avail the Benefit

Are you a Canadian and have you not filed your income tax return due to some reason? The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) conducts a specific program called voluntary disclosure, exclusively for the benefit of Canadians like you. Under this program, you get the opportunity to voluntarily submit your income tax return of previous years.

There are a few criteria which you have to meet to be eligible for this CRA program. First and foremost, the filing of income tax return has to be voluntary from your side. Your request for filing return under this program gets rejected in case you have been already questioned regarding your non- filed returns or in case you have the knowledge that you are going to be audited for tax.

Another requirement is that your return should be complete in all respects and should have all necessary information. It should have a penalty like an installment or a filing penalty. Moreover, the due filing date of the year for which you are availing this facility, should be more than one year earlier.

When you comply to all these criteria, fill out the RC199 form and mail it to the Assistant Director of Enforcement Division of your nearest tax office, along with all other relevant documents. You also have the option of submitting the documents after the approval of your RC199 application. Discuss your situation honestly with the officer in charge and you can expect to get your application approved.

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