The Importance of Backups

Not a strictly accounting related topic, but still crucial for any small business owner, as we found out recently.

We have dozens of company files on our computers here in the office, running various software systems such as QuickBooks, Simply Accounting and AccPacc.  Just last week we had a catastrophic event (read: water leak) and we ended up losing our fileserver.  If we hadn’t had backups we would have been facing literally thousands of hours of data entry to get back up to speed, none of which we would have been able to ethically pass on to our customers.

Fortunately, we did have a reliable backup system in place which meant that we lost about two day’s work and we had to take a trip to the bank to pull our archive tapes, which we had fortunately done just days before.  Ask yourself: if your computer that you are reading this on right now were to disappear, just how upset would you be?

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