Why Outsource Bookkeeping?

While quality accounting work is critical to the success of any business, regardless its size, the question often becomes whether to do it in house or to outsource entirely.  These are the main considerations:

Focusing on one’s specialty

You hired your staff because of their individual skill sets.  The primary skill set you were looking for is probably not accounting, so you aren’t going to get the best value from them when they are spending their time doing accounting.

Gaining access to a broad base of experience

When you hire an outsourcing firm you get access not only to a bookkeeper but their managers and co-workers, all of whom will at times weigh in on matters pertaining to your business filings.

CRA likes it

The Canadian Revenue Agency has to deal with reports from a wide range of people with varying degrees of expertise.  They are going to put more scrutiny on reports that come from unqualified people as they are more likely to contain errors.

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